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How to participate

  • Join SeedSwappers. Fill out your profile to let other gardeners know who you are and what you're growing.
  • Once your account is activated, login and add your surplus seeds to the catalog.
    Receive 5 seed credits for each listing you create. The minimum quantity for each listing is 10 seeds. Seeds should be no older than two years.
  • Rates are set at one credit per seed for larger seeds including tomatoes, sunflowers, beans, etc. Small seeds such as carrots, radishes, herbs, etc. are a pinch per credit.
  • Send seeds to other gardeners in exchange for seed credits.
    You will pay the postage on seeds that you send (unless you and your swapping partner agree to other arrangements). 
    Please follow these labeling and packaging guidelines.
  • Browse the catalog and contact gardeners who are offering seeds you want.
  • Transfer your seed credits to gardeners in exchange for the seeds you receive.
    Transactions will be reversed for any seeds that are lost or damaged in transit.
Because transferring seeds across international boundaries is sometimes restricted, you will only be allowed to swap with gardeners in your own country or region.